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Night time photography of Milky Ways, Northern Lights, pre-dawn skies, moon and astral splendors
DSC_1104djt_Northern Lights Dauphin MB_djtDSC_5127djt_qtr moon_1DSC_5780_Northern Lights along a county Manitoba RoadDSC_5803_Northern Lights near Dauphin, Manitoba_djt_DSC_5815_Northern Lights above a snowy field in Manitoba Canada_djt_DSC_5851_Beautiful Galaxy on a winter night_djt_DSC_5861_Pre-dawn starry Galaxy Manitoba Canada_djt_DSC_7492_FULL MOON in ALABAMA_japDSC_5833_Pre-dawn Milky Way lights up Dauphin Manitoba Sky_djt_JAP_MILKYWAY_SD_BADLANDSMILKYWAY_0969_japW_DSC_Northern Lights in Manitoba Canada_1081djt_pW_DSC_1090djt_Northern Lights in Manitoba CanadaW_DSC_1093djt_Northern Lights in Manitoba CanadaW_DSC_1095djt_Northern Lights in Manitoba CanadaW_DSC_1098djt_Northern Lights in Manitoba CanadaW_DSC_1103djt_Northern Lights in Manitoba Canadaw_DSC_1105djt_Northern Lights in Manitoba Canadaw_DSC_1109djt_Northern Lights in Manitoba CanadaW_DSC_1124djt_Northern Lights in Manitoba Canada