Welcome to Hearts 2 Nature, a website depicting the scenic beauty and bountiful wildlife of our North American continent.  

Two North American nature/wildlife photographers/videographers,
 Jeri Ann Payne, of the United States, and  
Dennis J. Trush of Manitoba, Canada 

share their eye for natural environments from their respective locales - in IMAGE GALLERIES, VIDEOS and SHORT FILMS. Our focus is on North American landscapes, wildlife, flora and macro photography, agriculature, seasonal and night photography- just about everything that covers the great North Amerian outdoors in all it's natural beauty!  All photography, videos, original composed music is created by Dennis and Jeri Ann. We hope you will browse and enjoy the imagery on this site.  ALL photos are available for purchase as prints, and other photo uses such as greeting cards, phone cases, mugs, calendars and more ...  Select any image in any gallery- click on it and you'll see a SHOPPING option of various print sizes and photo products you may order with any given image!  It's simple, affordable and secure to order directly from our website.

HEARTS2NATURE is an ongoing collection of superb nature and wildlife photography... so please check back often or SUBSCRIBE to a mailing list to be informed when new photos or items are added. We invite your COMMENTS, and also visit us on FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE as well, and hope you'll share with other nature enthusiasts!

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Guestbook for Hearts2Nature.com - North Americas Wildlife and Nature Photography Galleries
Hearts2Nature.com - North Americas Wildlife and Nature Photography Galleries
PLEASE FOLLOW US! We are constantly adding new photographs, creating stunning visual presentations, videos and documentaries. If you are a fan of the North American Continent's beauty and splendor of nature, we are sure to have imagery you will enjoy and PLEASE share with others! We will soon also have links to social media outlets for convenience! Best, Jeri Ann Payne / Dennis J. Trush- photographers
Hearts2Nature.com - North Americas Wildlife and Nature Photography Galleries
Dennis J. Trush of Manitoba Canada joins Hearts2Nature along with North American Wildlife photographer, Jeri Ann Payne. Both are skilled photographers/videographers sharing a passion for natural surroundings, wildlife and scenic vistas of the North American continent. While Jeri Ann's work feature the US National Parks, wildlife refuges, and scenic travel destinations throughout the lower 48 US states, Dennis shares the beauty of the "north country" with scenes throughout the Province of Manitoba Canada .... We hope you'll enjoy these presentations and share them amongst others... and please Sign OUR Guestbook and leave your thoughts and comments.
Hearts2Nature.com - North Americas Wildlife and Nature Photography Galleries
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